3 important lessons learned from a journey to Hadoop


3 important lessons learned from a journey to Hadoop

Keep this important tips in mind should embark for our hadoop journey.                   

Lesson 1 : Start with the goal

                 Hadoop Training journey should begin with the goal. We should get all our data flow into our proprietary system and flow into hadoop cluster. We have to figure out , how to use the data until you finish the changes and needs begin in. At the end we will struggle to understand them about hadoop. We approached there problem using use cases.That would have made it easier to answer questions about how the data should be organized.

Lesson 2: Hadoop is not  the only technology they use big data

When we are dealing with the big data we need to prepare the deal with problem that extend empire of hadoop. Many peoples simply assume that big data technology can solve all the problems. You’re like us, then you quickly learn how to use hadoop. Hadoop is the only one best technology available using big data. In our case, we require fatter upgraded routers,Internet pipes, upgraded firewalls, additional load balancers, upgraded switches and more. This key point are used to plan your big data journey and make sure to view the end- to – end picture.

Lesson 3: Big data hadoop is really huge

                             Many peoples will seem to forget that hadoop big data is very huge. People assume it has simple because they use big data technology. It should reasonable to accept Online transaction processing against their queries. You will have many queries about big data. It will take minutes or hours to complete.

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